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Wherever a Gujarati resides, there forever is Gujarat

It is said that wherever the Gujaratis have settled, a part of Gujarat itself is established.

One could not definitively state when the first Gujaratis came to live in Canberra although their footprints were left behind by travellers and students in the late fiftiesand early sixties of the twentieth century, and a steady trickle has made the Nations Capital its home and grown to some four hundred in the year 2010.

The Gujarati diaspora consists of migrants from a diverse range of countries from all over the globe, however the largest contingent would undoubtedly be from the State of Gujarat and India itself. The other arrivals contributing to this rich tapestry have come from South Africa and its continental neighbours such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, Fiji, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, United States and Canada. One of the largest elements in its demography has been the students who have decided to study in the premier academic institutions of Canberra, undisputably the foremost in Australia at all levels and in all spheres of education.

Gujaratis have also provided this multicultural city a rich resource of manpower in all walks of life be they academics, doctors, public servants, chefs, dentists, pharmacists, information technologists, librarians, engineers, bankers, environmentalists, accountants, hairdressers, healthcare and childcare workers, salesmen and women, musicians, political analysts, hospitality industry workers, occupational health therapists, shopkeepers and rations providers, administrators and horticulturalists.

The binding factor of the  community is its passion for cultural pursuits that fulfils an unabounding thirst for song and dance and a blinding faith in their religious beliefs. These are manifested through their renditions of garba and dandia performances at various venues religious institutions, multicultural festivals and Parliament House and at many schools and private concerts through their youth and their practitioners.

The Gujarati community has rapidly become an integral part of the mainstream Canberra community and promises to be a greater contributor to its economic, social and cultural resource.

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